Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Stamped Concrete by Style Beton

Industrial Floor

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Industrial Flooring

More than 40 years, the products that provide sealing, hardening and thickening of the industrial flooring as potassium, magnesium and sodium. Despite of this  effectiveness technology has advanced and improved.  These developments bring better results that last longer. The sealing and densification are very fast, penetrating the material with consistently across the plate and alkaline  are no longer a problem. Finally,  the white salt marks are a matter of the past.

The lower alkalinity allows lithium hardeners  to achieve a deeper and more complete penetration. This creates a stronger and denser molecular bond, leaving much less inert particles of calcium particles in a broader distribution of lithium during absorption . Smaller molecules lithium reaction make more consistent and  more dense surface, otherwise the salts of calcium will be taken out to the surface. That solved the problems of moisture and alkaline reactions on the surface of the concrete.

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