Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Decorative Concrete Stain: Materials
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Style Color Hardener

STYLE BETON Color Hardeners are blended from specially selected aggregates and Portland cements. They are polymer modified to improve their wear characteristics and are through colored using only German Bayer mineral oxide pigments to ensure a non-fading color that is streak free in application.

Roller Tape

It is a film about the creation of plans drawn to surfaces with small diamond disks.

It is used especially in working with Style Acid Stain

Style Sealer

The Style Sealers are appropriate for cement floorings and coverings, industrial floorings, stamped flooring,  spray flooring, overlay floorings and acid stain floorings.

They are all pure acrylic-based resins in virgin solvents for improved clarity and anti-yellowing characteristics.

Style Beton Acid Stain

STYLE ACID STAIN is a compound formed by metallic salts and plugged acids of various nature , it is applied on concrete bases on auto levelling etc. and it develops with these a chemical reaction which produces coloured salt crystals which fills the micro holes in the concrete base colouring permanently the surface.

It  does not contain hydrochloric acid and it can be transported as non dangerous product also by air.

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