Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Stamped Concrete by Style Beton

Decorative Concrete Products

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete flooring is a system using concrete as basic material to obtain monolithic paving, colored and good aesthetics results. Stamped concrete has a long lifetime without high maintenance costs, resistant to all weather conditions, frost and sunlight, oils and acids.

 Decorative Concrete Stencils

An innovative product that can be sprayed on existing concrete surfaces and can be used to coat and to decorate horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, cement, plaster, brick walls, dry walls, cement bricks and a lot more.

 Stamped Concrete Overlay

CONCRETE OVERLAY SYSTEM, is an innovative system which is used to cover, finish or revitalize the concrete or cement surfaces in various way. It can be stamped, acidified, brushed sprayed or worked by spatula.

Exposed Concrete

A architectonic stone washed effect floor that furnish and personalize outside areas trough a variety of colors and drawings.

 Decorative Concrete Stain

A compound formed by metallic salts and plugged acids of various nature, it is applied on concrete bases on self-leveling materials etc. and it develops with these a chemical reaction which produces coloured salt crystals which fills the micro holes in the concrete base colouring permanently the surface.


The Nano-Top of Style Beton is an excellent example of innovative technology. The process begins with a mixture of concrete, thin as paper, providing a canvas where an artwork has been created. Unlimited color combinations and graphic designs are available for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

 Industrial Floor

Industrial flooring.

Wall Overlays

Wall Overlays

 Stamped Concrete Tools

Tools for stamped concrete and stamped wall.

Stamped Concrete Stamps

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