Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
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Deco Create

A unique, innovative and low cost vertical overlay for stamped wall, ready to use and mixed only with water.

Decorative stamped plaster, is provided in various colours of excellent adherence for the revetment of external and internal facades. Directly placed on concrete, bricks or dry wall and subsequently stamped to obtain a perfect imitation of pebbles, stones, bricks, etc. It consists of plastic plaster formed be DECOCREATE protected with DECOCHROM, neutral tinted or colored. It can be refinished: wrought, raised, orange skin, by roller, printed. The vertical overlay, Decocreate, is provided in paper sacks and it is manufactured in 4 standard colors (white, cream, brown, silver). The outcome results to be about 1.6 sq.m. of 1 cm thickness per sack. Mineral products are part of its composition for more than 95%.

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