Stamped Concrete by Style Beton
Stamped Concrete by Style Beton

Decorative Concrete Stencils

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Stencil Spray Concrete with Style

Stencil Spray Concrete 

Stencil spray concrete is an innovative product that can be sprayed on existing concrete floors and can be used to coat and to decorate horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, cement, plaster, brick walls, dry walls, cement bricks and a lot more.

Can be applied on walkways, sidewalks, patios, yards, walkways, ramps, stairs, pools decks, skirting, vertical rivets, concrete coats, plasters and anyway used to improve and refine existing structures.

Very hard, nonslip surfaces are obtained, decorated and colored with colors that resist in time, long durability with resistance to abrasion, chlorine, salts, grease, oils, acid diluted solutions, water resistant. Easy to clean with high pressure water jets and, when needed, using detergents normally sold in commerce. The Stencil Concrete Spray can be applied with a minimum thickness of 6 mm up to a maximum of 15mm.

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